IEMCA Boss 551 E Barfeed

At Winn Machine we are always looking for ways to improve our processes. This IEMCA Boss 551 E Barfeed will allow us to run longer without stopping to feed material, improving our efficiency and increasing our throughput.

From IEMCA’s website:

The new BOSS 551-E, designed for fixed headstock style lathes, is the latest model in the series of BOSS bar feeders – a series that by virtue of the 8,800 units already present on the market constitutes one of IEMCA’s most important achievements of the last decade.
The new design features of the BOSS-E combine to deliver a capacity to withstand the highest levels of strain during machining processes, not to mention a remarkable degree of operating flexibility. Bar changeover from one diameter to another has never been simpler or quicker, making the BOSS the ideal partner for lathes that frequently alternate machining types during the same day.